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DODGE FOR A CAUSE in SCRC's second annual Dodgeball Tournament which has been designed for dodgers ages 2 - 102!  All proceeds go toward our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and get us one step closer to building our future facility. 

Ridiculous costumes, neon headbands, and hilarious team names are encouraged.

Read about the tournament divisions, rules, and details below


Free for kids 2nd grade and under
Game details here


And the 2023 Dodgeball Business Brawl!!

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Recruit your team and register for the Dodgeball Business Brawl today!

Register in the 18+ Division and in the address tab enter the name of your business. 




Kids vs. Adults

FREE Dodgeball Gauntlet

Kids Running

3RD & 4TH


$60 per Team

6 people per team

Portrait of Happy Girls Tying Shoes

5TH & 6TH


$60 per Team

6 people per team


7TH & 8TH


$60 per Team

6 people per team

Youth Basketball Team

HS 9TH - 12TH


$60 per Team

6 people per team

Therapy Ball

18+ OPEN 


$120 per Team

6 people per team


  • Games will be played with 6 players on each side.  6 players maximum per team.  4 players minimum must start each game.  

  • Each team must have a minimum of 3 girls per team and those girls must start each game.  If an injury prevents on of the girls from starting, the team will start with 5 players.  

  • Each match will be the best two out of three games.  

  • Teams will change sides after the first game of each match. 

  • Each team is guaranteed two matches. 

  • All players must wear tennis shoes and proper attire throughout every match. 

  • All teams must have some sort of team uniforms (the whackier the better).

  • Each game has a ten minute time limit. 

  • Overtime periods will be 1 minute with a 2 Overtime max.  Should the game end in a tie, there will be a roll-off (roll the ball on the ground and the closest to a line picked by the referee will win) to decide winner.  

  • Once every player of a team is eliminated, the game is over. 

  • If the time limit is reached, the team with the most players remaining wins.  

  • There are no team time-outs during game play. Referees may call a timeout for disputes and injuries. Substitutes may only enter a match between games or in the case of injury. 


  • The tourney will be hosted at Memorial Gymnasium

  • Volleyball courts will be used (approx. 60’ x 30’). 

  • Players are not allowed to cross the sidelines to go out of bounds. 

  • A total of 6 coated (foam) balls in play: four (4) 8.25” balls and two (2) 6.25” balls will be provided.

  • If a player goes out of bounds to retrieve a ball, he/she must go out through the baseline and come in through the baseline. 

  • Players cannot linger out of bounds to retrieve a ball. They must retrieve it and re-enter immediately, through the baseline. 

  • Balls that are out of play can only be retrieved and re-entered into play by active players on either team that have legally left the court and re-entered it, or by the official, who may throw balls back into play at their discretion and to the side of the court where the ball already is out of play. Spectators and players that are “Out” cannot retrieve balls and throw them back into play. 

  • The center line will divide the teams. Players cannot cross over to the opposing side and may not step on the line. 

  • The official will call games from the stand beside the court. 


Start of Play

  • Teams line up on baseline to begin each game. One foot must be on the baseline. 

  • Dodge balls will be placed on the center line to start each game, spread out equally. 

  • Official will blow the whistle signifying the start of play. Players will charge the balls to gain control. 

  • Players must then return back behind the 10 foot line before throwing a ball. Throwing a ball prior to being behind the line will be an out for the player making the infraction.

Player Conduct

  • No aiming throws toward other players’ heads. 

  • No arguing with or swearing at other teams or players. 

  • If players are hit, they should take themselves out of the game even if not witnessed by the official. 



  • A player is out when he/she gets hit by a ball in the air thrown by a member of the opposing team from the legal area. 

  • A player is out when he/she illegally steps out of bounds by going over the sidelines or by stepping out of the baseline for any reason other than to pursue a ball out of bounds. 

  • A player is out when a ball he/she throws is caught in the air by an opposing player before it hits the ground. 

  • If a player catches the ball, the player who has been out the longest can come back in.  

  • A player is out when he/she steps on or over the middle line during the regulation time. 

  • A player is NOT out if he/she is hit by a ball in the air after it has already hit another player. 

  • A player is NOT out if he/she is hit by a ball that is then caught in the air by a teammate before hitting the ground. The player that threw the ball is out. 

  • A thrown ball that deflects off the ground, a wall, a backboard, the official or the official’s stand, or another player is considered “dead” and cannot get another player out. No pinball effect. 

  • A thrown ball that deflects off a ball held by an opposing player is dead if it hits the ground, but if it is caught prior to hitting the ground, the player who threw it is out. 

  • Once a player is called out, they cannot re-enter the game. 

  • A team wins by eliminating all the opposing team’s players. 

  • A player using a ball to deflect a ball thrown from opposing players is out if the ball used for deflection is dropped. 


  • Each team will be responsible for providing 1 referee for each game.  

  • The official will call players out when he/she witnesses them. 

  • The officials’ calls are final. PERIOD! 

  • Arguing, swearing, dirty play, and cheating will result in being removed from the game, match, or tournament by the official or tournament director. 

  • If all balls are on one side of the court and the team is not throwing, then the official can call 10 seconds and failure to throw balls will result in player(s) being declared out.


  • A Lifeband is a pass that you will be able to purchase at the beginning of the tournament that if you are put out, you can use to get back in the game.  

  • Only one Lifeband may be used per person per game. 

  • Lifeband must be used at the time a player is knocked out of any individual game (they cannot be held until the end of the game and must be used immediately when player is out). 

  • If you are the last person out for your team, you cannot use a Lifeband to extend the game. 

  • Lifeband will not be allowed during championship games.

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