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About SCRC


We believe that it is worth investing in the health and well-being of our community.

Our community experiences wide variations of weather; therefore, having an indoor community-focused space where our local population can stay active year-round is imperative. Such a place does not currently exist in Anaconda.  The SCRC is being designed to fill that role. It will be a one-stop hub that will benefit old and young alike for years to come. Additionally the facility will be used to host events that will drive tourism and therefore spending in our local businesses. The economic impact of these events will be significant and further contribute to the health and well-being of Anaconda.

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Board of Directors

Vanessa Romero, President

Mission-driven organizations motivate Vanessa who was thrilled to get involved with SCRC upon moving to Anaconda in early 2017. She believes that few projects have the ability to make a real impact on the quality of life, spur economic growth, and improve the overall health of the region. Having relocated to Anaconda with her husband and her three young children, she is committed to doing her part to shaping Anaconda's future as she contributes effort toward this important vision.


Vanessa brings her skill sets as an MBA graduate and a lifelong business professional to the Board. She has built and led teams for both smaller startups and for multi-billion dollar companies. Most recently she worked as the Director of Franchise for Intuit's TSheets segment, before leaving the company to start her own consulting business that specializes in go-to-market strategy.

In addition to business leadership and development expertise, Vanessa also has an extensive background in fitness and athletics: She competed as a collegiate and professional volleyball player and has stepped into the role of “coach” in recent years. In that environment, she has observed firsthand the benefits that an active lifestyle and wellness bring to a community.

Trish Wagner, Vice President

An active member of the community by every definition of the word, Trish has always had a passion for giving back to her community and helping others. A resident of Anaconda for much of her adult life, Trish has played integral roles in many community organizations. A mother of three active children, she has coached practically every sport that is played in Anaconda as well as serving as an officer of the Anaconda Little League and for the Booster Club at AHS. She continues to give back as a committee member for the Wayne Estes Basketball Tournament, which has a massive impact on the town’s economy.


Trish gives back outside of athletics as well, as a PTA Officer and by organizing the parent volunteer program at Washington and Dwyer schools. She currently works as the Director of Revenue Integrity at Community Hospital of Anaconda, where she has spent 15 years. Her professional success resulted in her being named an executive board member of Montana Healthcare Financial Management Association.


She stays physically active on the trails and slopes around Anaconda and believes that is important for mental health. Trish has organized several events promoting community members to get out and exercise, and the time she has invested in Anaconda’s youth has made a profound impact on the community and she is excited for the opportunity to continue to do so as a member of SCRC.

Andy Stetzner, Treasurer

Andy is a lifelong resident of Anaconda with the exception of a ten-year stint in the United States Air Force. After returning to Montana, Andy started his career at St. James Community Hospital in Butte. After two years of service Andy accepted the position of Materials Manager with the Community Hospital of Anaconda. Over the years Andy served in many capacities up to and including the position of Chief Operating Officer.

After twenty-five years in health care Andy felt it was time to move on and accepted a position with First Montana Bank as their Branch Retail Manager.

Andy has been active in the community serving on boards, coaching athletics at all levels and is an avid spectator to all activities. Andy believes that a healthy community leads to a successful community.


More recently, Andy has joined Smelter City as the Treasurer.

Linda Moodry, Secretary

Strongly committed to the fitness and the overall health of Anaconda, the place where she was born and raised, Linda is delighted to be a founding Board Member of SCRC. Professionally, she is a program administrator for Water & Environmental Technologies, a civil engineering and consulting firm which manages the county Community Protective Measures Program regarding Superfund issues. Formerly, she served more than 30 years as Public Information Officer for Montana State Prison. Included among Linda’s professional experiences are eight years’ service in the U.S. Army Reserve. A strong supporter of victim’s rights, Linda earned a certification in Victim-Offender Dialogue and Mediation. She also holds a B.S. in Secondary Education from the University of Montana in Missoula.

Linda has witnessed the environmental and economic struggles of the region, but can also attest to the building momentum for revitalization. Since returning to Anaconda, Linda has translated her substantial communication skills and work experience into service for organizations that give back to the community. In addition to her work with SCRC, she also serves as a board member of the Anaconda Community Hospital Foundation, a member of the Community Market committee on good eating and health, and a member of the Anaconda Nonprofit Association. Linda’s husband Tom and her daughters, Lacee and Jessie, are all graduates of Anaconda schools and have heartfelt connections to this place.

Erin Everett

Erin joined the SCRC Board of Directors in August 2021, with hopes of bridging a gap between local educators and efforts to build a new center. She is an eighth grade English teacher at Anaconda Junior Senior High School. She looks forward to using her roles as teacher and board member to advocate for Anaconda’s youth and rally support in the education community.


Erin has a long history of supporting wellness in Anaconda. She was a co-owner and marketing manager for a small mind-body fitness studio downtown for five years. She taught fitness classes and organized events for youth. She left that role to become a school teacher. Prior to teaching and owning the studio, Erin was a newspaper journalist throughout Southwest Montana. She has bachelor’s degrees in journalism and English/secondary education, is a certified school librarian, and is working towards a master’s degree. Her role as a board member is an ideal culmination of her writing, teaching, fitness, and communication interests.


Erin is deeply rooted in Anaconda and is eager to invest in the community’s future as a healthy place for children - including both those she has raised, and those she has taught.

Joe Romero

The bright future of SCRC and the positive impact it will bring to the Anaconda community inspired Joe to get involved on the SCRC Advisory board in 2020. He has played a significant role in the developments of SCRC since that time. We are thrilled to now welcome him onto our Board of Directors!


With the belief that healthy communities are built through volunteerism, education, and athletics, Joe has been active in healthcare advocacy, educational leadership, and coaching for many years.


Joe grew up on a cattle ranch in Idaho and is no stranger to small towns. As an outdoorsman, Anaconda was a natural fit when he moved here with his young family in 2017. As a two-sport, collegiate athlete at Linfield University and an Army veteran, he understands what it takes for high functioning teams to become successful. He was a member of the 2004 Linfield University NCAA Division III National Championship football team and served in the U.S. Army Reserve as a CRNA for 9 years. During his Army tenure, he was deployed on a combat tour in Iraq as a CRNA with the Army's 948th Forward Surgical Team in support of the 101st Airborne during Operation Inherent Resolve. He earned his M.S. in Nurse Anesthesiology from the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine and is a board certified Nurse Anesthesiologist (CRNA) currently practicing at the Community Hospital of Anaconda. Most recently, he also served on the Anaconda School District #10 Board of Trustees and has been coaching youth athletics.


Joe is passionate about Anaconda and strongly believes that SCRC has the transformative power to develop a healthier community, create jobs, and expand youth program offerings. With his background, Joe hopes to leverage his experience and leadership in helping build a strong team to create these opportunities for people of all ages to lead active, healthy lives.


Thank you Joe, for being a part of our team and our mission!

Kelly Irons, MD

Dr. Kelly Irons, a pediatrician and psychiatrist at Community Hospital of Anaconda, is passionate about personal wellness and can’t think of a better way to give back to the community then to help SCRC’s plans come to fruition.

Prior to becoming a doctor, Dr. Irons practiced as a geological engineer which has given her unique perspective working at the intersect between land usage, mining, environmental contamination and human impact. After medical school she completed residency in Utah and subsequently took a job for a large hospital in Salt Lake City. However, it did not take long for her to realize that she wanted to settle down in a smaller community where she could truly make an impact. Her husband, a Montana native, had always wanted to move back so they made the leap just over a year ago and couldn’t be happier with their decision.

Dr. Irons has a deep appreciation for how physical fitness influences a person’s wellbeing; not only from the medical perspective but from her experiences guiding professionally for several outdoor travel companies including the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), leading ski, climbing and backpacking courses. This allowed her to witness first-hand the mind-body connection through the healing powers of the wilderness and influenced her decision to pursue a career in medicine focused on treating the body holistically. Now, she enjoys trying to keep up with her Australian Shepard and her two young boys on the mountain trails of southwest Montana.

Dr. Irons brings her commitment to wellness, her experience in leadership and her ability to get things done to the board. She has been a founding member of several successful organizations and is currently working with local stakeholders on a suicide prevention task-force. She is thrilled to be a part of SCRC’s mission and can’t wait to share this opportunity with the community.

Kevin Baker 

With a strong belief that athletics, exercise, and competition makes everyone a better person, Kevin recently joined the SCRC Board of Directors and enthusiastically supports the SCRC mission.


Kevin was born and raised on a hay farm in Oregon that had a surrounding population of 2500 people. He understands what small towns have to offer, and with the goal of providing a similar, family-focused upbringing for his own children, Kevin and his family moved to Anaconda from Boise, Idaho in 2019. Kevin believes enthusiasm coupled with common sense, research, education around your purpose, and a glass-half-full vision can make a profound impact on the community. He is excited to apply his hard-working hay farm approach to life, and leadership skills to the efforts of Smelter City Recreation Complex.


For nine years, Kevin worked as a Civil Engineer, before he made a shift in his career. With aspirations to have more control over his destiny, he moved into the Financial Planning/Wealth Management space where he has thrived for nearly a decade. Through both careers he’s been exposed to a variety of endeavors similar to SCRC where significant capital was needed to create the infrastructure and plans for a new addition to a community. Those numerous projects - ranging from the municipality sector to the private sector - have given him insight into the unforeseen issues that may arise at every stage of the process, and also the solutions that can be applied to combat them.


After playing college hoops for 4 years, Kevin became involved in coaching, refereeing, and competing in multiple athletic realms. He’s been a part of fundraising, volunteer efforts surrounding youth/community events, and the scheduling of multiple tournaments at multiple venues.


Kevin’s drive to be a part of this project is derived from his history in athletics, his mission to make an impact, and his goal to make Anaconda a better place for his own family and the families of others for years to come.

Kyle Fehrer

Kyle, a native of Belgrade, Montana, received his Bachelor's Degree in Automotive Technology from WyoTech. The skill sets learned there, combined with his entrepreneurial mindset, provided Kyle with the tools he needed to launch his own business - Snubnose. Hot Rods. Kyle has seen great success with Snubnose which was recently featured in Street Truck Magazine. 


Two years after opening his business, an opportunity presented itself to build a shop and home in Anaconda, which propelled his relocation. He, his wife, and their three young children transplanted his business and their lives to Anaconda which they have called home ever since. His wife Amanda grew up in the area and has deep roots in the community.  Her family members are all very active in the community. Kyle enthusiastically joined SCRC with the intent of carrying on their do-good tradition.

Kyle believes the Smelter City Recreation Complex will bring new energy to Anaconda while creating a healthier local lifestyle that will benefit the influx of families and children that have been moving into the region in recent years. 

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