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Our Future Facility 

Multi-Court Gymnasium

The largest part of the SCRC facility will be a 13,330 square foot, multi-court gymnasium.  It will feature two full-size basketball courts, four volleyball courts, four tennis courts, four pickleball courts, and an elevated walk track. It will be a hub of activity for local Anacondans of every age group.


It will also be equipped to host regular events with all of the required gear and court-side seating built in.  Keeping locals active during the winter months will contribute to the overall health and wellness of our community. Hosting regular events will contribute to the economic wellbeing of our community. 


Community Center

SCRC will also offer a variety of educational, social, and recreational activities, tailored to community interests with the following spaces:

  • 160 person Community Room 

  • Aerobics Studio

  • Social Lounge

  • Child Play Room 

  • Snack Shop and Retail Store

Examples of community activities include events such as  weddings, potlucks, parties, dances, after-school programs, exercise classes, health courses, crafts, job-skills, and more.

Colleagues Working Together

Indoor Track

Circling the gym will be an elevated, 14 laps/mile track. There will be multiple lanes to allow for different individuals/groups to move at the pace that works best for them.

Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 6.46.23 AM.png

Fitness Center

The facility will include a 2,500 square-foot weight room and fitness area including cardio equipment, free weights, machines, and more.

Modern Gym

Partner Spaces 

SCRC welcomes the opportunity to create customizable spaces for local, like-minded companies who would like to operate within the facility. Current partner businesses being considered include (but are not limited to) daycare, physical therapy offices, fitness instructors, etc...

Interested in discussing this opportunity with our Board of Directors? Email

Physical Therapy

Room to Grow

In order to build a sustainable recreation complex, our preliminary plan is to build the facility as is described above; however we know it is important to remain flexible so that SCRC can continue to serve the community as needs change and as the population grows. 

Should the opportunity arise to expand upon the facility in the future, and the financials make sense to do so, we look forward to considering additional spaces. 

Swimming Lesson
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