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What has SCRC accomplished in the past two years?

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

Frequently we are asked “What has SCRC accomplished in the past two years,” so this year, we’ve decided to outline it for you in our annual letter! See the image below that outlines many of SCRC’s successes. In addition to those items, we’d also like to share these nitty gritty details to get everyone excited about what’s to come in the next year!

  • The land donation we received through the feasibility study has an appraised value of $201,000. That donation will propel SCRC forward leaps and bounds.

  • What is that big leap?

    • The Capital Funding Campaign we intend on launching in 2023.

    • Our Advisory Board is growing and we are forming a highly-skilled Capital Funding Campaign Committee who we will rely upon in presenting SCRC’s proposal to prospective donors. (Interested in being involved? Email us today:

    • In 2023 we will host the 3rd annual Smelter City Scamper and the 2nd annual SCRC Dodgeball Tournament!

    • In addition to our events, stay tuned for updates on the exciting activity-based programs we will offer in conjunction with our community partners.

As always, we are relying on donations big and small as we move forward with plans to build a facility that promotes community health and wellness. Your generosity is an investment in Anaconda’s future. For more about our plans or to learn how to get involved please visit us at and reach out to our board members with any questions. To make a donation, click here.

Thank you again for your support and generosity,

Your SCRC Board of Directors

Vanessa Romero, President

Trish Wagner, Vice President

Andy Stetzner, Treasurer

Linda Moodry, Secretary

Kevin Baker

Erin Everett

Kyle Fehrer

Kelly Irons, MD

Your SCRC Advisory Board

Judy Blaz

Kylie Dee

Judy Little

Kansas Pierce

Colleen Riley

Joe Romero



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