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SCRC seeking “Wellness Partners” in our Community

The Smelter City Recreation Complex is planning to launch a feasibility study at the end of 2021 that will enable our Board of Directors to present our proposed project to notable large-scale donors. In presenting our design plan we will discuss both the spaces we’ve prioritized as a recreation complex, as well as additional spaces that could potentially be custom designed to support Wellness Partners in our community.

Our current design plan features a 13,330 square foot multi-court gymnasium with court-side seating, an elevated indoor track, weight and aerobics rooms, a community center and additional amenities that will contribute to the overall health and wellness of our community. However, there is potential for more.

As SCRC prepares to launch this feasibility study, we have worked closely with The Ridge gym in Bozeman and looked to their owner - Steve Rodderick - as a mentor. One major element of The Ridge that allows both Steve and the community of Bozeman to succeed is the inclusion of “Wellness Partners.” The Ridge has set out a very successful model that creates a symbiotic relationship between the local businesses and The Ridge. Businesses in The Ridge include Linebarger Chiropractic, Esteem Health, Physical Therapy, Bozeman Sports Medicine Clinic. and Ridge Kids. (

Ridge Kids is a playzone, preschool and daycare. In addition to their childcare services, they also offer special events like birthday parties and summer programs that give the youth in the community a safe, fun space. Each of these businesses benefits from the high foot traffic moving in and out of their facility, and the like-mindedness of their customers who prioritize wellness in their lives.

SCRC hopes to develop Wellness Partners in our facility as well. The potential businesses that could benefit from this include those mentioned above at The Ridge, as well as specialty workout businesses, a wellness cafe, and more.

Our Board of Directors would love to discuss this opportunity with any local businesses that have an interest in learning more. SCRC can help current or aspiring business owners find a brand-new, state of the art space inside our new facility. Additionally there are opportunities for these businesses to use various amenities within the main parts of the recreation facility as well.

This custom-build is an opportunity that will be mutually beneficial for SCRC and your business. Inevitably many questions would need to be addressed and answered before one could know with certainty if they may have an interest in being a Wellness Partner, but the best way to start understanding the needs of all parties is to have a conversation.

We would love to talk to you!

Our goal is to have these conversations today so that we can include any potential build-outs for Wellness Partners in our upcoming design-plan presentations with donors at year end.

To set up a time for a conversation, please contact Linda Moodry:



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