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Welcome Kevin Baker, to the SCRC Board of Directors

With a strong belief that athletics, exercise, and competition makes everyone a better person, Kevin recently joined the SCRC Board of Directors and enthusiastically supports the SCRC mission.

Kevin was born and raised on a hay farm in Oregon that had a surrounding population of 2500 people. He understands what small towns have to offer, and with the goal of providing a similar, family-focused upbringing for his own children, Kevin and his family moved to Anaconda from Boise, Idaho in 2019. Kevin believes enthusiasm coupled with common sense, research, education around your purpose, and a glass-half-full vision can make a profound impact on the community. He is excited to apply his hard-working hay farm approach to life, and leadership skills to the efforts of Smelter City Recreation Complex.

For nine years, Kevin worked as a Civil Engineer, before he made a shift in his career. With aspirations to have more control over his destiny, he moved into the Financial Planning/Wealth Management space where he has thrived for nearly a decade. Through both careers he’s been exposed to a variety of endeavors similar to SCRC where significant capital was needed to create the infrastructure and plans for a new addition to a community. Those numerous projects - ranging from the municipality sector to the private sector - have given him insight into the unforeseen issues that may arise at every stage of the process, and also the solutions that can be applied to combat them.

After playing college hoops for 4 years, Kevin became involved in coaching, refereeing, and competing in multiple athletic realms. He’s been a part of fundraising, volunteer efforts surrounding youth/community events, and the scheduling of multiple tournaments at multiple venues.

Kevin’s drive to be a part of this project is derived from his history in athletics, his mission to make an impact, and his goal to make Anaconda a better place for his own family and the families of others for years to come.



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