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SCRC 2021 Year End Letter

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

While many organizations struggled with pandemic paralysis this past year, Smelter City Recreation Complex (SCRC) gained momentum. Notably, 2021 saw us accomplish a list of substantial tasks: assembling a professional board of directors, pivoting as an organization to create a more financially sustainable plan, launching the Smelter City Scamper, raising funds to conduct a feasibility study, building an admirable advisory board, and signing a Letter of Intent with Anaconda-Deer Lodge County for five acres of land in the East Yards Subdivision. We are now charging forward by hiring Bannack Group to begin the feasibility study that will be followed by a capital funding campaign. We need your help in raising the millions of dollars needed to construct a facility that will positively change the culture, community, and health of Anaconda-Deer Lodge County.

The newly proposed SCRC facility includes a multi-court gymnasium that will enable our community to stay active, while driving visitors to Anaconda through ongoing tournaments, leagues and events. That gymnasium will break down into courts specific to basketball, volleyball, and tennis. There will be bleacher seating around the courts on the main level, and an elevated track circling the gym above. Additionally, the facility will feature a cardio room, a weight room, and an aerobics studio; and there will be a community center that can be used for educational and social gatherings. The capital campaign will rely on donations big and small. We will meet with notable large-scale donors who have ample funds to support a grand vision, and we will rally the local community for small-scale giving that helps pay the monthly bills, hire architectural firms, and more. Every dollar gets us that much closer to our goal. Checks and PayPal donations are both accepted. Please continue reading for detailed updates on our progress:

A team is only as strong as its weakest link. SCRC has a remarkably strong and committed board of directors who outline the strategic plan and vision of SCRC as well as a highly-skilled advisory board that enables SCRC to achieve more. New board members have added energy and unity. There is no weak link and with these committed individuals we are making great strides.

The strength of our board was demonstrated this year through the planning, organizing, and hosting of the inaugural Smelter City Scamper. The event drew a total of 318 runners to Anaconda on a beautiful August morning. Runners, who spanned the ages of 2 to 92, turned out to run 5K, 10K, and half-marathon courses and included local participants, Montana runners, and those from as far away as Pennsylvania. The SCRC Board of Directors had two means of measuring the success of the Scamper: The first was by participant and spectator turnout, which acts as a demonstration of impact. The second measurement was financial, given that the Scamper is our annual fundraiser. On both accounts, it was wildly successful.

The financial success of the Scamper enabled us to hire Bannack Group -- a Bozeman-based strategic consulting company that specializes in conducting fundraising campaigns for Montana-based nonprofits -- to conduct a feasibility study. In addition, we signed a Letter of Intent with Anaconda-Deer Lodge County for land in the East Yards Subdivision, another required component for the study to move forward.

Again, we are relying on donations big and small as we move forward with plans to build a facility that promotes community health and wellness. Your generosity is an investment in Anaconda’s future. For more about our plans, how to get involved, and how to donate, please visit us at and reach out to our board members with any questions,

Thank you again for your support and generosity,

Your SCRC Board of Directors

Vanessa Romero, President

Trish Wagner, Vice President

Andy Stetzner, Treasurer

Linda Moodry, Secretary

Kevin Baker

Michaela Cortright

Erin Everett

Kyle Fehrer

Kelly Irons, MD


Saturday, August 6. In 2022, SCRC looks forward to hosting another successful Smelter City Scamper. Our goal is to turn this into one of the most highly attended events in our community. Click here to link to the event and learn more :

Saturday, April 9. We will be adding another event to the SCRC calendar in 2022. The first annual SCRC Dodgeball Tournament. Come one, come all and "Dodge for the Cause." Click here to link to the event and learn more :



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