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2020 Letter to Our Community

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

What a year it has been. Like us, you are likely looking forward to a fresh start in the new year. 2020 has presented everyone with many trials, but in spite of the challenges, we at SCRC have taken positive and important steps that we would like to share with you.

Our project has always been, and continues to be, an ambitious one; however, SCRC has decided we are going to scale back our project so that we can move forward. The resignation of Donna Shewey from our Board of Directors, coupled with the expressed concern from our County Commissioners and CEO Bill Everett over the financial feasibility of our project (due to the scope of the project) led us to make this decision.

These occurrences gave us an opportunity to regroup and reconsider what SCRC needs to do to succeed. After spending the past few months meeting with architects, industry experts, and professional consulting firms, it’s been determined that the previously proposed project presented financial uncertainty. The fundraising goals to build the project were daunting and we could not guarantee the facility would be able to support itself long term. Therefore, we had to consider how we would proceed.

As a Board, we decided that we would rather build a scaled down version of the Smelter City Recreation Complex than not build anything at all.

Now, we have a new, more fiscally responsible proposal that we are preparing to present to investors with the assistance of a consulting firm. We look forward to sharing those details with you and with our County Commissioners once they are 100% finalized. Until then, you can have confidence in knowing that the SCRC proposal, (which previously required a substantial endowment fund to ensure the bills could be paid), is now a stand-alone, financially sustainable recreation complex that doesn’t require additional assistance.

When analyzing the financial documents, it was clear that the first thing that had to be cut from the facility was the pool. We know there is a lot of demand for a pool in Anaconda. Our hope is that at some point in the future we can work toward that dream. However, at the time being, the substantial funds required to build and maintain an aquatic center simply do not exist. Cutting the pool may feel like a loss to some, but we are choosing to see it as a win because doing so will give the SCRC project the legs it needs to become a reality.

The Smelter City Recreation Complex is going to enhance the wellness of our community. It is going to provide a safe haven for our kids to run and play year-round. It is going to bring back an indoor walk track for our seniors. It is going to drive tourism to our town with athletic events and functions. It is going to be a place where our community can get support for the life-skills they need to succeed. It is going to provide jobs in Anaconda. Most importantly, it is going to do all of this with a positive cash-flow statement that ensures that once it is built, it is here to stay.

As a Board, we have a renewed energy and enthusiasm surrounding this project. We hope that you will feel the same, and we are asking for your support as we look to take our next big step.

Our goal with this letter is to raise the $30,200 needed to hire Bannack Group. Bannack Group is a strategic consulting company out of Bozeman that works specifically with non-profit organizations looking to complete feasibility studies and fundraising campaigns.

They have 30+ years of collective experience in matching non-profit organizations with major investors who have the ability and interest in donating to projects they believe in. They will assist in arranging meetings between large potential investors and our Capital Funding Committee. They will also provide professional structure and guidance to assist in our success.

Numerous non-profits within Montana have worked with Bannack Group to take their plans to fruition, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them. Other Montana-based projects in their portfolio include: the Belgrade Community Library, the St. John’s Lutheran Ministries senior-housing center in Billings, MSU Northern where they are building a new football stadium in Havre, and University of Montana Western where they are extending their campus and academic offerings in Dillon.

We’ve made some big decisions in the past few months, and now we anxiously await your feedback. Your donation this year means more than it ever has before, because we are closer than we have ever been at building this incredible facility. If we have a successful fundraising campaign this Holiday Season, we will be better able to cover the unavoidable costs associated with obtaining a donation of land from the County.

If you believe in the newly proposed SCRC facility, and feel this project would make a positive impact on your life, please mail a check today. PayPal donations are also accepted.

Should you have any questions, please visit our website - - and/or reach out to one of our Board Members. We value your input.

Thank you again for your support and generosity,

Your SCRC Board of Directors

* Checks must be made out to Smelter City Recreation Complex.

* All donations are tax deductible.

* Our Tax ID# is 81-3281617.

* Please mail donations to PO Box 33, Anaconda MT. 59711.

* To give electronically, click "DONATE" on the top our home page.



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